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My Approach

Teenage times can be great fun , but sometimes they can be hard and confusing. I  have worked for many years with Young People

Sometimes it helps to have someone neutral to talk to.

Some Young People just want to talk; others prefer to use a more creative approach with drawing or music. I work with you to help you to feel relaxed and comfortable and use an approach that suits you.

Some problems that I have helped Young People with recently include:

  • bullying

  • lack of confidence

  • exam stress

  • self harm

  • gender identity

  • transition to secondary school

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • friendship problems

  • family breakdowns


Anything you tell me in the session is confidential UNLESS you pose a danger to yourself or others. I will not tell your parents , teachers, doctor or anyone else anything you tell me without discussing it with you first.

Some Young People find it useful to have their parents come in toward the end of the session every  now and again so that we can talk about progress that has been made. Others prefer for me not to speak to parents. I will be talking to you about this  at your first session. I will usually see both of you together initially for a brief chat in that session before seeing you alone. If you wish to come alone, that is also fine. 

Older teenagers can self refer without a parent's involvement.

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